In this age of internet, books are already losing their popularity since we have information overload in all places. We rarely buy books for learning something. Of course its easier to google! To add to this, we also have pirated and legal versions of ebooks which are either free or much cheaper than the paperback. So, […]


One of the most inspiring movies I’ve seen in the recent past. This movie is basically about someone who doesn’t want to give up just because the doctors have given him only 30 days to live! He fights AIDS and lives 7 years after he was diagnosed with the deadly disease. The movie is all about how he […]

As I mentioned in my previous post, vacation really matters. I am really surprised to find myself with time and interest to post again! Woow! Actually the main reason for coming back to blog posting was that – I wanted to share this information to everyone – About the healthiness of Microwave cooking!

After 1.5 years, we found time only recently to launch our first vacation with our baby. And amidst the tiresome running behind her, adventurous diaper changes in the running car and so on, I did enjoy our 10 day vacation – especially because it was after such a long break!

She is my motivation and she is my roadblock as well! She is my energy booster yet she is the one who drains it all! This little beauty of my life – I think she’s here To turn me insideout and to throw me upsidedown! To bring in lot of irreversible changes –  Doesn’t matter […]