Choosing your furniture..

For the past 2 weeks we have been hunting for good furniture… We searched many local shops and also branded show rooms.

We were mainly looking for Sofas and also show-case cum TV stand.

In the process, we learnt a lot about furniture manufacturing in Chennai. In Chennai, they import materials like wood, leather and also designs. And then they assemble the material here and manufacture the Sofa based on the design. All shops/showrooms we visited were doing this. The advantage is, they can easily repair if it has any problems and also customize design as per Chennai’s taste.

And these days Sofas has a belt at the bottom. At the base, there is wood and on top of it is a belt and the foam is placed over it. Few shops use branded foams and many local shops manufacture their own foam. But ya, its always better to go for branded foams – assured quality. Kurl-on and Sleepwell are the ones common here. And, an important point to note is, only those shops using this kind of branded foams gave 5 years warranty. Others gave only 1-2 yrs warranty.. Good quality foam will ensure that the sofa base wont loose its shape. Advantage of belt at the bottom is that even if the sofa becomes loose, tightening the belt will bring back its shape. And that’s quite easy process. If we tighten it at the end of 5th yr warranty period, we can do it for free and its going to last for next few yrs..

Another point to consider while buying a sofa is the covering material.. Leather or cotton or velvet. Only artificial leather is used in all Sofas. Natural leather is not permitted it seems. Artificial leather or cotton is better because even if coffee or something is split, we can wash it easily. But choosing this, is mainly based on one’s taste and budget.

Finally, after seeing many models, we chose the one in the pic. Mainly because, it was compact and comfort was also good. Our hall is small and we dint want it to look cramped! One thing me and my husband liked was – it has some space at the sides for keeping books or news papers 🙂


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