Welcome back to (Smoky) Chennai!

After an year of peaceful life in Holland, we are back to our home land – Chennai. We came 5 months back..

First thing that shocked me was the alarming rate of traffic! 1.5 yrs back, I am sure it wasnt this bad.. I was living in the ‘hot’ spot – Velachery and I could see that traffic was increasing there.. Now, the traffic is terrible in all the places!!

And I think its bcoz of this traffic, pollution rate is also increased here. My Gaud!! I just cant move out without covering my nose and hair and face.. Especially in my area – near Valasaravakkam. So much of smoke and dust that I picked up allergic rhinitis last month. Chennai gave me back my same old problem – Cold bcoz of allergy. I was living in Hyderabad for while before I left to Holland.. So for the past 2 yrs I dint have any cold problem – even in the extreme cold weather of Holland.

When my husband warned me its bcoz of pollution, I did not take it seriously. Only when Dr told me its bcoz of pollution, I realized! 😛

Other than that, I did not see much change in my home land.. Bcoz of recession, I see few changes in economy and job market. Else, its all just the same. Same style of living and same environment.. And ya, back with same set of people! 🙂


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