Being Happy

At any point of time in life, I want to be happy. Just smile with peace and serenity thinking about my life.. I am sure almost all of us want to be like that..

Can I be happy when I am happy about things around me? When I succeed in all the endeavors? When I make some one happy? When I get all things that I want?

I say a big “No” to all of these.. Its not ‘just’ these.. There is something beyond!

And that is… “I”. I need to be happy about my-self to be happy all the time. I need to be satisfied about my own self.. I should like my-self. I should enjoy my-self.. That’s where the happiness begins! It begins there and flows outwards as a fountain and we see various manifestations of happiness in life..  But I believe that this is the fountain-head – The real source of happiness!

And so here comes the question. Am I happy about my-self all the time?

At times, it is difficult to really analyze my own self and see it as a 3rd person and still like it. Trying to justify my own wrong actions, not having the guts to see my true character, not being straight forward to accept & change how I am is gonna push me to the corners of hypocrisy, split personality and other emotional problems. This is the root of many problems.

If I don’t like what I do, can I be happy about myself? If I am not sure that I am correct – at least with respect to my own set of rules, I renounce my happiness. If I am not sure about myself, I loose my integrity.

One cannot satisfy all. But, I should be able to satisfy my-self. I should comply to my own set of rules. I should be happy about my-self.

If you are n’t happy, you can never give happiness to others. Happiness blossoms in one’s heart.  And it cant blossom without inner-peace and self-integrity.


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