RSI – Prevention is better than cure

RSI – Repetitive Strain Injury.

I am suffering from RSI for almost an year.. I got this because of repetitive movements with mouse. Damn! It just kills me at times. I get burning sensation in the hand and it becomes really cold even when the AC is off.

I have been using this software – Workpace for an more than 6 months. Its nice because it reminds me to take break and asks me to do exercises. But actually if I dont do exercises, then it doesnot make a difference at all.

This disorder is becoming very common these days. Taking care of ergonomics and regular exercises will help reduce the symptoms. Once it comes, it actually disturbs normal working and your productivity decreases. At times, I get so much involved in work that I skip exercises but ultimately it reflects again the next day and the week after..

More than that, right from childhood, we need to develop healthy eating habits and also some sports like Swimming, Squash, etc. That makes your muscle strong and healthy so that it wont get affected by such repetitive movements later on. Many of my colleagues infact have bad seating postures. But still they are not affected by RSI. Its just because, they really do(did) lot of physical activity.

We need to encourage lot of physical activities right from childhood to enjoy a healthier life. Now I feel why I dint do more exercises! 😦 Prevention is better than cure.



  1. I would agree with you. I find that as I get older, exercise is more important, but it’s harder to do since I seem to have more aches and pains. I am an active person…running, lifting weights, stretching…and try to keep myself in shape for any of the future of the “biggy” issues. I am of the belief that something is only as important as you make it.

    Good luck and remember to do your exercises.

  2. art84parthu · · Reply

    Yes.. And often, we feel the importance only when we miss something!


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