Losing the respect for our tradition

I have been cogitating about our Hindu tradition and rituals. Rituals form an important part of our tradition and there are innumerable rituals in our tradition for that matter. 🙂

I believe that each of them do have some meaning. But ya of course, I do not know them! 😉

Actually, because of our negligence, we have lost almost everything in our tradition and customs. We do certain things for the sake of satisfying someone else. Like, if you ask people why they do something, you are most likely to hear such answers: “My dad asked me to do this, so I am doing this..” Well, you might get similar answers from the person’s dad/mom as well… And some simply say “This is our tradition”. Its really hard to find people who can answer why such things are there in your tradition.

Actually, in today’s fast world, no one is ready to care about time the consuming rituals and tradition. In one way its acceptable. Today is very competitive and every one wants to win the race. And you actually dont have time to follow all the customs. Also, certain things can’t be followed as it was done in early days. Because, the whole environment has changed and certain rules have become obsolete now. So far fine.

But, the question is are we losing respect for our tradition as well? Already, we are losing our tradition. And if we lose respect as well its leading to total destruction.

When we see people mis-using the rituals and customs, we obviously get frustrated. And, the frustration might ultimately turns into anger and despise towards the rituals and  traditions (rather than the person!). Frankly speaking I do not how many people react like this. I do not know if we are already on the road of destruction of our tradition. But, I do have encountered a few who think like this. That made me to post this!

When I was pondering about reasons behind, following came up in mind:

  • Restricting others in the name of rituals and customs and further more, not following it personally.
  • Finding simpler workarounds when you cant do something. You need to accept the fact – either you are following something or you are not. You cannot find some simpler workaround and still say that you follow everything. Finding or creating exceptions when you need actually means that you are not folowing it. There should be a limit for flexing the rituals!
  • Using rituals and customs to prove superiority, dominance, proving power,  etc.
  • Fulfilling personal desires and wishes in the name of rituals/tradition/customs.
  • Trying to prove that your set of rituals are superior than others – Inter-caste or inter-religion or inter-community riots!

All these things are happening in our day-to-day life. We all see it. We know it. But we don’t stop it. But ultimately, in this kind of environment, its very easy for the young minds to miss the actual real meanings/implications of the customs and just ignore them. Worst is, they start losing respect for our tradition and start despising the same.

Actually speaking, its not only for Hindus. Its for almost all religions. Some have very less rituals and some have more. Basically, these kind of rituals were brought in to cultivate self-discipline and stream-lining thoughts and actions. But ultimately, if people are going to start misusing them, definitely we will loose them – sooner or later!



  1. Barbro · · Reply

    hi again. Rituals are an comfortable way of knowing what you have in stability of emotions. It is dangerous to move outside rituals and religious thoughts. Rituals and religion if firm way to keep the mind in order. It’s a handrail. An modern handrail can also be to consume.

    On the other hand: perhaps religion cannot – give – the soul satisfaction anymore. Perhaps strict rules cannot bind people to obey. i dont know.

    ….”But, the question is are we losing respect for our tradition as well?”…

    That question isnt easy to cover with one sentence. I think, people are not only losing respect for religious tradition on a whole, over the world, but also respect for our fellowmen – outside – our social network.

    Every one want to win the race, no matter what price is. Then there is, some percent who can see further than personal winning. I’ve this theory of mine: 80 % is the mass and 10 % are those who are thinking.

    welcome to mine lair: http://yellowgrey.wordpress.com

    1. ….”perhaps religion cannot – give – the soul satisfaction anymore.”… It was giving that.. but these days its just another way to show power! Its really unfortunate but it is true!
      I agree with every word of your comment..

  2. […] I have written before, I can see that many of us are loosing respect for the religion. I want to blame only those people who abuse religion to satisfy their selfish ego. Whats wrong […]

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