Women and MBA

I am thinking about doing an MBA from recognized schools. Being a married woman, I have been thinking how joining a full-time MBA will influence my personal & professional life..

I was surprised by this news report: Most MBA women prefer to be stay-at-home moms

Nearly 28% of women who did their MBAs in Harvard Business School are staying at home mothers! And in almost all the schools the percentage of women is less. And they are taking measures to improve it!

Though we are saying that women are socially & economically improving in their lives, it is indeed a sad state that we are still trying to improve their participation & presence in all fields. I mean, when we are still saying that we are taking measure to improve, it shows that women’s status has not improved! They are still in a state where they need support from others.

Coming back to the main point – women MBAs, I was really shocked about that news report. It makes me re-think about my career plans. Definitely, after doing an MBA from top schools, I do not want to stay at home. But ya, maybe those girls also started their MBA with this thought!

By the time I apply for an MBA, it will be 2011 and I will be 28, most probably with a small kid. One thing which I am clear about is either I do an MBA in one of the top schools or I dont do it at all! I am thinking now..

  • Even if I get into a top schools that I dream, will I be able to complete the degree? Will I be able to spend all my time effectively in managing the degree and also the family – especially the kid!
  • Say I complete that MBA also somehow, how is it going to change my life? Successful Business woman? or a good educated mom at home?

I can see that women’s participation is less. Also, even successful women MBA are not in business till the end. Maybe, with extra efforts I can satisfy my career dream and still be a good mom. I would like to know

  • How married woman plan their career? Is it totally dependent on their family?
  • How are those few successful women able to do it? That few % of women who still continue their professional life as MBAs and manage family as well..What kind of support do they get from their family? Or, you don’t need any support from family? Just a strong WILL, will do?

Any inputs, opinions, suggestions, thoughts are highly appreciated!


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