Airtel Vs Sun DTH Service

As I mentioned in my first post of 2009, lots of things are keeping me busy.. And one such thing is buying a new TV and a Digital TV connection..

We decided that we are going for LCD and we were pondering whether to go for Samsung or Sony. My husband had more interest in Sony in the beginning. When we decided on the size of the TV – 32″, we came back to Samsung unanimously! Sony costs too much when the size is big. LG was another option, but I just said a big no since it was not having the ‘looks’ I wanted! 😛

So, coming to the Digital TV connection, again there was confusion between Airtel and Sun DTH. Obviously Airtel is costlier but if we are taking additional English/Hindi channels, the cost difference became less. So, I did small comparision between them and calcluated the cost for 2 years.

With the current offers in both, the cost difference came to 100-150 INR per month (only when we take extra packages for English in Sun DTH. Else, of course Sun is much much more cheaper). One attractive option in Airtel was the interactive services.

With my research, I conclude that Airtel has the following advantages:

  • More interactive services (booking movie tickets, train tickets, etc)
  • Better packages which cover lot of English/Hindi channels
  • Bigger dish which gives better quality picture during rain

In Sun, the packages are not designed properly and for the same cost, Sun has less number of English channels. Of course, Tamil channels were more in Sun but again, not many of us are interested in channels like Mega, Vasanth, etc. So, after spending some time in thinking whether I am wasting money unnecessarily, I went ahead with Airtel! But it made me happy.

Hope they don’t make me feel bad for my decision. 😉

Actually, I have become a loyal customer for Airtel with Airtel mobile, landline, broadband and now Digital TV as well! And yes, for the extra cost that I pay, their services are good!


One comment

  1. art84parthu · · Reply

    Two days are gone after getting the connection!
    Its soo damn clear!! The picture quality is really great! And I am really happy about the package that I chose – South Gold. It has all channels that I like!! 🙂
    Actually I have seen Sun DTH before in my parents place. And I am very much sure that Airtel clarity is far far better than Sun DTH.
    Worth paying the money and I would confidently recommend Airtel DTH to anyone! 😉

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