Veena – My Passion

Learning Veena has been my passion since childhood. Veena is a classical string instrument and I love the music of Veena. That was the main motivation for me to learn it and play it with my own fingers! 🙂

And I was happy when I came to know that its divine and its also a type of meditation through these links: Veena Vadana – a yoga for salvation, The Divine Revelations of Veena

I had a chance to start learning veena, when I was in my final year of college studies. In fact, I should say, I was lucky to find that teacher. She was really nice in teaching and she taught me according to my pace of learning. She was one of the few teachers I met, who really understood and taught according to the student. She took me in a fast track mode and taught me only those songs which interested me very much.. She was very good!

But unfortunately I was not able to continue for more than 3-4 months. I had to leave to another city for the sake of job and there after got married and left this country itself. So, now after a period of more than 1.5 years, I totally forgot what I learnt. I dont even remember now how to hold veena! 😛

Since I am back now and settled somewhat, I want to start it again. And now after researching for a while, I found a music school in Virugambakkam called “Soundariya school of music”. Going to start learning again from Feb 2009. Hope I continue it this time and learn well!



  1. Hi Arthy,
    We have some similarities.
    We have same name(both first and last name)
    I m also learning veena for the past 4 months..
    Hope ur Venna Class goes well without any hurdle.

    1. art84parthu · · Reply

      Hi Aarthy,
      nice to know that.. 🙂
      Good luck for your veena classes.

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