Panoramic view of Paris from Eiffel

It is always amazing to get a glimpse of aerial view of any city in the night – Paris was of course awesome and beautiful to be seen from the top of Eiffel tower in the night..

Panoramic view of Paris

Panoramic view of Paris from Eiffel at night

The whole city was glowing with lights and various attractions like Sacre Coeur were seen as relatively small light spots from a distant height!

Eiffel at night

Eiffel at night

Also, another interesting thing in the night is that, every one hour the Eiffel will sparkle with additional lights on it for few minutes. It is undoubtedly a real visual treat! 🙂

This picture was taken when it was sparkling..  But, yes, it cant give the same effect as in a video..

Actually there are many other interesting places in Paris apart from Eiffel Tower. In fact I was not excited by seeing Eiffel for the first time.. This sparkling only made me like it! 😛

Places like Notre dame, Arc de Triumph, Sacre Coeur are more interesting and have rich history behind..

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  1. Very nice panoramic photo! I’ll be visiting in Paris on March and Eiffel is one of the must see attractions. Although it might be difficult not to see it 🙂 So it seems that the best time to visit Eiffel is after dark.

  2. art84parthu · · Reply

    Thanks.. Yes of course it is a ‘must see’ attraction in Paris. And yaa, I liked it in the night time..
    But, as the view in the night time is exciting, the day time view also has its own beauty. During day, if the sky is clear, you can view far off places and you get the view of entire city from the top. At night, you cant clearly see the places. But the lights are of course attractive and nice to gaze at in the night time.. 🙂

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