Enna thavam seidhanai Yasodhaa

I happened to listen to this song composed by Papanasam Sivam sung by Smt. Sudha Ragunathan..

Amazing song and it is beautifully sung by her.. Have uploaded this song and is available for download and playing in the Box.Net widget at the right bottom of the page.. Enjoy the music!

And here is the lyrics:

Ragam: Kapi
Thalam: Aadi
Composer: Papanasam Sivan

enna thavam seythanai yasOthA
engkum niRai para brumam ammA enRazaikka (enna)

IrEzu buvanangkaL padaiththavanai
kaiyil Enthi sIrAtti pAlUtti thAlAtta (enna)

brammanum inthiranum manathil poRAmail koLLa
uralil katti vAy poththi kenjcha vaththAy.. kaNNanai (enna)

sanakAthiyar thava yOgam seythu varuththi
sAthiththathai punithamathai eLithil peRa (enna)



  1. hi arthy
    thank u for uploading Enna Thavam Seithanai song.
    u have a good collection of songs.
    thank u once again 🙂

  2. yes, thank you. she sings beautifully…

  3. Great song. This song is really special for me. Thanks for uploading.

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