House (The TV Series)

Recently I started watching the House MD series.

Its damn good! The way its taken is so realistic and thrilling that you cant stop watching in between even to go to loo!:P

The House series revolves around the doctor Gregory House M.D (Diagnostics) and how he solves each and every medical puzzle. He is soo good at his work that, he is not thrown out of hospital even though he doesnot do his regular job of attending the normal (since they are uninteresting cases!) out patients. And every episode starts by showing how he accepts a case on the first hand. This guy would nt even accept a patient unless the case is interesting and challenging and puzzling. He would never take “the obvious” kinds!

Once accepted, he and his team solve the puzzle and every time it so happens that whatever he diagnoses gives an impression to others that he is out of his mind. But finally, his diagnosis turns out to be the right one!

House MD - the cast

House MD - the cast

Another interesting fact is Hugh Laurie (Gregory House) is basically a British but still he is stunningly fluent in American accent like a native American.

Also, this series has the impacts of Sherlock Holmes in many ways. See this Wikipedia article for more details!

The way it is taken, projecting House and his skills and his cynical nature, I was really awestruck when I first saw an episode! Also, you learn so much about your own body at the end of every episode! Now, I have decided to watch all seasons and thanks to my friend who is gonna give me all season’s episodes! 🙂

I would recommend everyone (if you like medical stuff or puzzles or any thrilling stuff basically!)  to watch this series atleast once! After that: you yourself can’t stop watching it! And in case, you dint like it …………….. mmm… well, I think you will like it!


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