Its RSI again!

My RSI problem, is driving me crazy again. Its because of this RSI, I did not touch my PC for this long!

The pain in my shoulder blade and the burning sensation in my hand became so severe that I went to the doctor again. And, after taking an MRI, now we have found out that there is no problem at all in my spine.

The thing is the pain can be normal – because of some posture problems or weak bones and the like. But the coldness and burning sensation in one hand mostly means that some nerve is getting pinched or compressed! So, thats the reason we took an MRI to check out if any cartilage in the spine is bulging and compressing the nerve leading to such symptons. But, for me, the spine bones are perfectly normal!

So, the doctor(s) are suspecting another condition where in there can be some protrusion in neck or rib bone which will compress the nerve going to the hand – leading to these symptoms. And, we need to take an X-ray for this. Because, the bones are n’t visible in MRI! The bones are not sensitive to the magnetic rays of the MRI. And bones can be seen only in X-rays! “Thats a news!” 🙂

So, I am now waiting for this X-ray and the diagnosis through that. And I was also informed that the X-ray can be perfectly normal again but still I can feel this coldness and burning sensation in my hand. In which case, as I mentioned before in my prev post, only exercises can help me strengthen my muslces and manage the pain!


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