A R Rahman – The Great!

Yes the great musician AR Rahman made us all feel proud!

I was really happy seeing him getting 2 Oscars on 22nd Feb. It was a great moment not only for him, but also for many of us out there! And yes!! As all the television channels were boasting about his Oscar Victory to make sure that the proud feeling is instilled in every Indian heart, I indeed got that feeling. Infact, even without watching them.

About what he said right after gettting Oscar: “All along in my life, I choose love to hate and now I am here at Oscars.”  (May not be the exact words that he said). It is actually something deep. But am not sure if he was talking something spiritually or he was meaning something about world peace.. But whatever it is, it will make people think about love atleast for a while.

Its a nice feeling that I was living when a ‘history’ was made.

But one thing is that, I strongly feel that AR Rahman has done, infact much better work in his previous assignments both in Kollywood and Bollywood. Just that, this time he got an international exposure because of this guy Danny Boyle.

On one hand, I am happy that AR Rahman got this international recognition. But at the same time, it makes me feel a little bit bad after reading the reviews from many that the movie potrays a ‘BAD INDIA’.

Anyways, I am really happy about the Oscar for Rahman and wishing him more and more! Jai Ho!


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