Managing people is indeed challenging

Workings with computers make our job a lot easier because, they can’t think on their own. They are good sub-ordinates – they just do what you say. If it goes wrong, you know who to blame. 🙂

But, when it comes to people, the job becomes a lot more difficult. There is one thing which none of us can change. It’s “MIND”. People do have mind and they do use it always. Whether you like it or not. No one can just follow you even if your instruction is clear to follow. The ‘human touch’ – the ego comes into play and they would like to do in their way. Perceptions are different. Even if perceptions are same, implementations are different. So, it is indeed difficult to get things done through people. Dealing with HUMAN MINDS is not that simple and I think that’s why managers are paid high.

For the first time, I realized that managing people is indeed a challenging task; especially when you are working with someone who can’t communicate well. Communication is the key. In fact, next comes the actual technical skill set. Who is going to appreciate you when you are not to express that you know something. If you don’t communicate that you have some skill, it is as good as not having it.

Some people can do job well but can’t communicate well. Even this is not a problem as long as they “want” to communicate. But some people do not want to communicate because of their ego. They can’t accept that they have to ‘report’ to another person. For some its fear and for some, it is overconfidence which stops them from doing work right. Maybe they gathered requirements right, but they can never get the results right.

How would you feel when you work with someone who never opens mouth to say if they understand or not? You just keep talking and they make you feel like dumb by nodding their head for all and then finally bring out something which is totally inconceivable by your brain? Which is totally irrelevant to the topic you were discussing? I was surprised many times like this and started wondering who the problem is actually.

Praising for something which is an expected skill for the job role does not make sense to me. But even that praising and apologizing for your mistakes to make them feel good – the “treat well” strategy does not help for long; especially for the ones who switch off their brain very often.

Maybe there was some reason for which the person was hired. But, if it becomes too difficult to find that reason, then there is no point in having the person paid for wasting someone’s energy.

But one thing is for sure, if you don’t take things personally, you can sustain for long. Never make anything as an ego issue; your head will be cool.

Almost more than half of the time of your life, you spend in office with colleagues. If it is a healthy exchange of ideas, learning, energy and enthusiasm, it would be really an ideal work environment. Blessed are those who are having mentally healthy people – who won’t trouble you with their confidence problem, ego, fear, superiority/inferiority complex, etc around them. I am 50% blessed and 50% cursed! 😉



  1. “I was surprised many times like this and started wondering who the problem is actually.”

    You are on the right track. Instead of believing a person cannot communicate, ask your self how can I improve our communication? Such as, instead of continuing talking about a subject, stop, and ask open- ended questions like What do you think? How does that sound to you? or Do you understand?[do not accept yes, dig in with this follow up question] Great tell me what you understand?

    1. thanks for the comment…
      This always helps: ‘Instead of believing a person cannot communicate, ask your self how can I improve our communication?’

      and yes.. I am doing like what you said. I ask many questions in different ways to ensure correct understanding.. I make no assumptions these days! 🙂

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