Arc de Triomphe, Paris

The ‘Royally beautiful’ Paris has the charm in it which can instantly turn you happy! It did happen for me.. I was in a gloomy-angry state when I entered the city.. But as soon as I started walking in the city streets, my mood transformed! I just started enjoying my presence in the beautiful city.

Arc de Triomphe, Paris

Arc de Triomphe, Paris

Eiffel tower is the most famous in Paris. But, for me, the most impressive one was the Notre Dame church and then the Arc de Triomphe! The Arc stands majestically in the road with impressive carvings of the soldiers on either sides who fought during the time of Napoleon. What is more interesting is the view of the city roads from the top of the Arc.

I was really astonished by the view of the city from the top of the arc. It was as though, everything was designed and then created to the perfection of design. I just could n’t believe myself that I was seeing something real. The roads were radiating from the arc in all directions. It was like the arc was sun and the roads were the rays from the sun. All the buildings were almost of same size with equal gaps between them and the corners of the roads were really ‘carved’ like a painting.

I wish I could take the top view of the roads from the sky.. But could manage only a panoramic view. 😉

The view of the road from Arc De Triomphe

The Panoramic view of the roads from Arc De Triomphe

I felt really amazed! It was a wonderful thing to see and even now I just wonder how they built the city to such a perfection!

We went in the day time but I think, the streets will look even more beautiful at night with all those lights on!

View of the road from top of the arc

View of the road from top of the arc

The whole city is rich and is built with a royal touch. It just gives a good feeling to be there! 🙂

This Arc was the first place I visited in the city and my first impression about the city is something that I will cherish all the time.

The Arc has other historic details like the names of the soldiers who fought for the wars and also there is the tomb of the unknown solder from world war I beneath the arc.

We have to climb several steep stairs to reach the top and I think the door to the top is not open all the time. Because, some of friends said that they can go to the top.

We went there on a cool foggy morning. The whole day was wonderful after visiting the arc. 🙂

The view of Eiffel tower from Arc De Triomphe amidst all the fog:

View of Eiffel from the Triumphal Arc

View of Eiffel from the Triumphal Arc

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