Mussoorie – The queen of Hills

India is really incredible in its beauty! And also really cheap when compared to European countries – of course! 🙂

Mussoorie - view from Lal Tibba shows Himalayan ranges

Mussoorie - view from Lal Tibba shows Himalayan ranges at distant

I was amazed by the beauty of the mountains and greenery during our recent trip to Mussoorie, India. It was a week long trip and we spent 3 days in Mussoorie. An absolutely relaxing and enchanting trip with perfect weather in March!

I was just wondering why we Indians, in spite of having such an amazing beauty in our own country, want to spend million to go to Switzerland for seeing similar things? (In Switzerland almost 70 to 80 % tourist were Indians and the next majority was Chinese/Japanese.)

The main beauty of Mussoorie lies in its mountainous surrounding and the cool weather. From the top most point of Mussoorie – Lal Tibba, one can see Himalayan ranges. It is indeed a wonderful sight to get!

Around 16km uphill from the center of the city, Lal Tibba could be reached by car easily. But, we wanted to do something adventurous and went by horse! It was a different experience anyways..

Streets of Mussoorie - The street lights, place to sit built by British

Streets of Mussoorie - The street lights, place to sit built during olden days.

Lal Tibba has lot of pine trees on top which are really really high and huge. They were so high that I was appearing tiny in front of those trees. Walking on the road with pine trees on either ends was enchanting.

The second highest point in Mussoorie is the GUN point. This point gives the good view of the city on one side and mountains on other side.

The main tourist attraction in Mussoorie is a water falls called Kempty falls. This is on the way to Dehradun down the hill. Kempty falls, as any other water fall, is beautiful and the water was damn cold! I went inside the water with great enthusiasm. But just coudn’t do anything! Started shivering and walked out after taking few pictures! 😛

Mussoorie – the city as such was calm and nice place to relax. The city was under British rule and many buildings and roads were constructed during those pre-independence times.  So everything is done in European style. For a moment, I just felt as though I am walking in the streets of Switzerland. It just resembled Swiz. With all those mountains and the street lights in the typical European style, I just forgot where I was.

At night, Mussoorie was even more beautiful. The sunset and the dazzling view of the street lights down in the city center was a real visual treat to the eyes.

Sunset view from the hotel we stayed

Sunset view from the hotel we stayed

Overall, I really enjoyed my short stay in Mussoorie and wanted it to be a longer one. The place is ideal for relaxing and has stunning scenic beauty.

And.. I would defintely recommend this place! 🙂


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