Airtel Super Singer 2008 on Star Vijay

I started watching this programme sometime back when the participants were heading to semi-finals.

Actually, I started to watch because, one of the participants is the would-be of my husband’s brother’s friend.. I know its too close relation 😛

Anyways, the programme is really entertaining and the participant’s talents are awesome! And now I have become a regular audience for this show. The participants are really singing like professionals and more than that, the judges – Sujatha, Srinivasan, Unni Krishnan are extremely talented to find even those minor flaws in the participants singing.. The music talent hunt show is overall impressive.

Now, in the finals round, I see that the participants are really competing hard to get that title “Super Singer”. For me, all of those finalists are already Super Singers. And of those 5 people – Ranjani, Renu, Ravi, Ajeesh, Prasanna; I like Ranjani’s performance the most.I think she will become the Super Singer at the end.

Ranjani has the ‘real’ talent and she puts her best hard work for each and every song. She chooses the most difficult songs and sings it really well. Its impressive!

In yesterday’s classical round of finals, she sung the “Mannavan Vandhaanadi” song.. The special guest Sudha Ragunathan stood up and bowed to her after the performance.. So, it shows how well she has sung that!

The next person who has high chance is Ajeesh. He sung “Paatum Naane” song yesterday. He was also marvelous in his perforamce. All those swaras he sung with great energy and confidence was really a treat to ears!!

Over all its a good talent hunt show and it has really brought out great hidden talents. Now, I think it has become a platform for the entry to Tamil Cinema music!


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