“Dont loose your mind.. Loose your weight” – Rujutha Diwekar

I bought this book of Rujutha Diwekar recently.. Its a simple book that gives lot of information about our ‘stomach’ and questions our beliefs on many food habits and also our body.

The author has explained things with scientific reasons and good examples. It makes it interesting to read and also stimulates the reader’s mind to re-think about their food habits – or in the words of the author – their ‘lifestyle’.

The author eliminates the misconceptions about ‘crash diets’, ‘fasting’, ‘low calorie food’, ‘dieting’  etc. by explaining in a very simple way. She explains that you can eat the food that you like and still get your body in shape! This is something most incredible for many people in world. And through her book, you will see that it is possible.

The best part is, the author is not making some big fat promises to loose weight blindly. She gives reasons behind and those reasons are completely logical and scientific! So, when you know the reasons and facts behind, if you do care for your body, you will automatically start following the lifestyle explained in her book. And above all, you will stick on to it forever. Because, for one: its simple; and two: you know what happens inside the body when you don’t.

And what more, I have already seen results of the suggested life style in her book. My sister-in-law has lost 4 kgs in less than 2 weeks without compromising on food! She eats well, sleeps well and now is glowing more without any facial or something!

I am sure this book is really a boon to many of us out there who want to maintain body fitness and good health. Its not just for loosing your weight!

Worth a buy and
MUST try whats in it! (I bet you will if you read it 🙂 )


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