Aren’t there any interesting (wordpress) blogs???????

Initially, I started to blog to get the sense of self-satisfaction and now, my greedy mind wants approval from others as well. Well… so I want to promote my blog!

I can see that the number of ‘blog hits’ is increasing in my bog. I am happy about that. Feeling good that there are some people out there who would like to see my blog. Hmm… nice.. But still my mind (greedy!) raced in wanting more hits and more comments.

So, I have been reading ways to attract traffic and actually none seems to be that interesting for me. I read somewhere that one of the best ways to promote your blog is to read others blogs and leave comments there. Well… makes sense to me that I need to find someone who thinks more or less like me and initiate a conversation with them in order to attract them to visit my ‘world’ on net.

So I started this blog hunt! To find someone who’s writing interests me. Man!!! I am taken aback!! Its been extremely difficult for me to find such blogs!! There is no one out there who writes something which I like? Phew!

Actually, I found one such blog long time back – An Inner Journey in But unfortunately that blog was last updated in the year 2005 and stopped after that. 😦

All that I am looking for, is something about science, health, philosophy, gen stuff, etc. in simple words. Either I end up finding something that is really hi-fi for me to understand or something which is no way near to ‘interesting’. I am kinda stuck now!

A few blogs I found on net were somewhat interesting for me. But still I am not 100% happy about them. And whats more interesting is, those few blogs are also “BLOGSPOT” blogs and I found NO INTERESTING BLOG in WORDPRESS. At the end of futile search for 3 days, I now conclude that there are no interesting blogs on wordpress..

I think only those who have paid and got their domain in wordpress, have got their blogs/posts listed in the home page of wordpress. If what I understand is right, then hmmm…. its a bit disappointing!

Anyways.. my mind is tired now in searching interesting blogs. Maybe I did not use right techniques to search? I dont know! But whatever it is, my mind is now more or less convinced that it should not expect approval from others.. Else, in search of approval, I am gonna loose myself. Which I dont want at any cost! Here I am – Back to square one: Writing for my happiness! 🙂

Hey! But still, I will be engaging myself in promoting and marketing techniques that impresses me.. I am still in search of people and blogs that interests me. And I do like the fact that people like my blog and writing. I do like more people visiting my ‘world’ out here.. Just that I am not gonne be really ‘obsessive’ about it!



  1. Barbro · · Reply

    ‘smiles’ the world is big. /barbro

    1. 🙂 Yeah.. the world is big and I have started exploring it more and more now.. with patience!
      I am finding more interesting blogs these days and my blogroll list is growing..

  2. Barbro · · Reply

    Patience is a good virtue.

    I submitted a shadowphoto today. You can read the english version, if you want.

  3. oregonamy1972 · · Reply

    I guess it depends on what you find interesting!

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