How can they throw Ranjani out of ‘Airtel Super Singer 2008′?????

Its really atrocious!!! How can they throw out Ranjani out of the Airtel Super Singer 2008 program??

Its ridiculous!! She is a great singer! Without her there wont be any competition in the program at all!! Its total non-sense that she did not get more votes from people!! If thats true that she really did not get votes from people, then people are really CRAZY to not to vote to the REAL TALENT!!

The challenge she took and the hard work she did, the sincerity with which she sung every song and her voice, her confidence in delivery….. Wasn’t this seen by any people out there in Chennai? This is totally unacceptable for me..

I just cant still believe that people did not vote for her or all that nonsense! I am just wondering if its some kinda politics to give the Super Singer title to someone they like. Because, if Ranjani is there, then, she will definitely throw in some tough competition and she will win the title. Maybe this was some crap they did to send her away..

But whatever it is, as Ranjani confidently said yesterday, she will be in Tamil Cinema Playback industry.

I feel really sad that she is out of the program! I liked her very much. Whenever she spoke to the audience, she did not speak for getting votes. She did not say something for marketing herself. She always spoke whatever she actually felt. She spoke from her heart.. Maybe thats why she did not get votes.. Because people today like only those sweet appreciating words which she did not say much! But no one can deny her talent and hard work!

I wish her success from the bottom of my heart! She is a real SUPER SINGER!



  1. absolutely agree with this

    but i am sure she will get noticed and become a good playback singer soon

    remember naresh iyer also lost early in a competetion of this sort

    1. Yep! Sure she is also gonna make her debut soon in playback industry like him!

  2. sudha · · Reply

    I used to think vijay tv shows are qualitative and i could not imagine how this qualitative programme became very “JUST ONE MORE PROGRAMME” stuff. Eliminating Ranjani is just an example. Trust there are no “Mallu Stuff” inside this airtel world of ranjani being eliminated…. not at all acceptable. If vijay TV’s vision is to take the talent to the front, ranjani must be in. Renu is playing very safe with melodies but ranjani is versatile with same confidence, selection of tough songs which needs more guts, proving the same to be 100% efficient, attitude very practical approach.. what not…. i am sure Ranjani will get her chance as a play back singer on her own, but others will have to be introduced by somebody. however, Thanks to vijay tv for showing us how ranjani is with her talent….. rest god will take care… All the best….. ranjani… we are with you…

    1. Very true! Politics has its hand everywhere! Vijay TV show is not an exception.. 😦
      Yeah.. Renu is always playing safe. Ranjani’s talents are unmatchable! So, definitely Ranjani will shine forever!

  3. […] on June 3rd. Lets see. Already I was fooled that Ranjani is going to take the title while she was thrown away before finals. So, maybe even Renu can become Super Singer! Who […]

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