Whats the use of ‘PITY’ ?

You walk on the street and find someone in really bad state with no proper clothes and not clean, not eaten for long… and on and on! You pity him?

Whats the use? If you give him few tens or hundreds ‘out of pity’, are you solving his problem?

In my opinion, pity is some ‘useless’ emotion wasting lot of energy. You are asking me how can it waste energy? Yes it can. Our brain cells and nerve cells should act (in an excited state) in synchronization for us to focus on anything (even to cry)! And it consumes lot of energy for this. So, it does waste our energy by pitying others.

And as I said before, it is useless! That because you pity someone, his ‘pitiable’ state is not going to change. He is not going to be happy. In fact if you are going to do some ‘temporary’ help to the person, you are doing the wrong thing. Because, its just going to increase some blind hope in the suffering person and the hope has no BASE.It just gives him some happiness temporarily and increases the expectation in him that either you/someone else should help him like that again and again.

In the movie “Abiyum Naanum”, the kid will bring in a beggar from school to home and convince her parents to keep the beggar at home. Also, the kid gives a permanent job to the beggar and turns him to be a part of the family. The kid’s pity had use here. I am not sure if such things can happen in real life. But, all that I want to say is, if you can’t give a permanent solution, then no point in wasting energy and time by pitying others.

And the worst thing is, talking/discussing about the pitiable state with others. You are not only waste energy but also spreading some negative thoughts and emotions among people.

So, either ACT and DO something to give permanent solution or don’t talk about it. Don’t pity at all. Just keep moving..

I know there are many minds out there thinking, “in this fast moving modern world, no one has time for even loving and where does this pity come from?” I agree 100%. But still, I think its worth writing about PITY.

The world was revolving.. The world is revolving.. The world will revolve. It does not need you/me for its functioning! The illusion of ‘I’ is the greatest delusion!



  1. Barbro · · Reply

    Hi there -Artyr. First of all we, humans need to let go of our own self-pity. We, have always an tendency to move over our self-pity to charity. It doesnt really help in the long run because new beggars stay in queue. /barbro

    1. Self pity is self destruction!
      Yeah.. Many charity and social service are coming into place these days just to satisfy the ego and also the self-pity..

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