Invading world in the name of Religion

Religion, tradition and customs were something which were framed to ‘discipline’ men and cultivate manners in them. But the whole purpose of the religion is entirely destroyed by men these days. It is really disappointing and also disgusting to see that the same religion which was created for the soul is now abused to destroy it! And I think, that is the main reason for many ATHEISTS to come into existence now a days.

On one hand, people are in search of some “POWER” which can save them from their wrong doings. On the other hand, intelligent minds are driven off by the same POWER to some extremes where there is no GOD or there is no RELIGION.

It is all because of the desire to acquire more and more POWER. The desire to rule the world. The desire to invade the world. The desire to control minds. The desire to corrupt the society. Only a corrupted mind will seek such illusionary power.

It is these power seekers who encourage people to go out of their disciplinary lines; encourage ignorant to be ignorant; corrupt the minds with fake myths. They just give a false illusion that they protect people from destruction when they are actually digging the graves of destruction. How can intellectual minds believe that God exists when they see such atrocities committed in the name of God himself?

Today, religious places are constructed just to show the power of the religion. The more power they exhibit, the more people get attracted. The more people – the more funds. The more funds – the more people again and they are just invading the world through new tactics!

Actually, it is a fact that most of the people are feeling ‘insecure’. And they seek temples to get rid off their insecurity. So, when they visit temples, obviously they do not want to see a sober inside the temple as GOD. Only someone who is armed well and who is rich and who is courageous can help and protect you. Thats the common belief. And this is what is abused by the ‘so called religious authorities’.

It is these authorities who create an insecure feeling among people and then they pose that they are protecting people as well. I have seen many Churches and temples which just display their power and authority. They use their power for marketing and induce many people to become their followers.

I despise these so-called-religious-authorities who abuse religion to satisfy their ego and selfish desires. Also, people who just cant face reality and need such fake support to run their lives are actually wasting their lives. In my opinion, people cant be that ignorant as well! Ultimately, the society goes corrupt and the intellectual minds have to fight againts these POWER for their rights and freedom. Its a sad state of affair in this modern world. Whats the END?


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