Perfect relaxed long weekend!

I was away from my laptop for the past 5 days…

Went to a remote part of South India for a friend’s wedding and then roamed around some temples in nearby cities. I spent all these days in absolute freedom and peace. It was so awesome that I really forgot who I am! Perfect relaxation! Today when I came back from the trip, I found it really difficult to digest the fact that I live in a busy city with lot of BUZZ around. I just couldn’t take it that I have to be in office tomorrow and I have start cooking at home tonight for dinner, wash clothes and all those daily stuff! It was like as though I was flying high in the air with wings wide and someone just snapped me out of my dream world and pulled me down to earth – down to reality! It took me some time to face the reality!

Pillars with great sculptures in temples

Pillars with great sculptures in temples

Well… I roamed around some really beautiful temples with great sculptures in and around the region called “Nanguneri”. I was overwhelmed by the great detail to which the sculptures were carved! In South India, temples were constructed really big by the king in olden days, so that people can seek their shelter in the temples during droughts and other calamities. Also, temples were the ‘happening’ place in those days. Many artists used to live in the temples and dedicate their lives and art for the temple. The sculptures in the temples I visited, depict those lives even today. It was very informative and also entertaining to view all those great art of ancient times.

Also, I had real fun watching elephants in the temples. I love elephants and one of my ‘small’ wishes is to ride on a ‘big’ elephant. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Gave bananas to elephants to please them so that I could take few pictures! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Elephant in the temple

Elephant in the temple

All those elephants in temples were ‘female’ because male elephants are ‘difficult’ to handle it seems. Till now I was thinking that female elephants lack tusks; but I came to know that the female elephants also have small tusks – as you can see in this picture..

The elephant you see in the picture is very young! She is just 5 years old. She swallowed half a dozen banana in a single gulp and then posed for this picture! Cute! ๐Ÿ™‚

My last day of trip added a little bit of thrill since I walked around 4km up in a rugged hill. It was actually a forest area and there were no roads laid up there. Only jeeps would go uphill; but I chose walking just to take a good view of the surrounding mountains and rivers. Up in the hill I bathed in a clean river which instantly replenished my energy! It was a refreshing bath after the long walk! All along the path I saw different monkeys and they took away the bananas from me forcefully – as usual Monkey raids! ๐Ÿ˜‰

And one of them even ate the banana skin! It was so sweet for him that he did not want to leave even the skin!

Banana skin is also sweet!

Banana skin is also sweet!

Overall, I enjoyed really a perfect relaxing long weekend! Its a bit disappointing that I have to start with daily routines from tomorrow again! But yeah.. thats life! ๐Ÿ™‚


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