Questions that I hate to answer!

I just cant help hating people when they ask me some stupid questions just for the sake of initiating conversations. Typically, these people whom I have never met before start their conversation with such questions which I hate to answer:

  • Where are you coming from? (meaning native)
  • Where do you live?
  • Are you working?
  • Are you married? Whats your husband? Kids?
  • Where are your parents and in-laws?

and more and more dumb questions…

Its just irritating me to the core to answer all these typical BIODATA questions! Whats more irritating is, such people dont give a damn break between the questions! They just keep asking me as though I am bound to answer! And I just want to say “Just shut up and get lost!”. I hate to be interviewed by some unkown with a series of dumb questions!

I just cant comprehend their tendency! Do they need to know my entire family history to talk to me? I dont want to talk to such crooked minds! And if you dont have anything else to converse, then just keep shut! Why ask all such question to someone whom you have never met and maybe you never are going to meet!

I like those conversations and people, when you just start talking about some fishing, hill climbing, travel, some X, Y Z topic even without asking each others name. And finally we would mostly end up shaking hands and getting to know each other in more detail. I just like it when two strangers can talk as though they have been some close friends meeting after a long separation.

Formal introduction shouldn’t matter when two minds interact! And thats how an interesting conversation would start; never with those dull formality questions! Damn! I always hate them!


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