The 3 top finalists of Airtel Super Singer 2008

I am writig this post as I am watching the programme.. Just cant wait! 😉

Well.. last week, I was away in some remote southern region. But I still somehow managed to watch the programme. For the first time, I felt that Ravi’s performance was flawless and amazing. I dont know why, but I have never felt good about his voice though the judges admire his voice and talents. Somehow I never was able to enjoy his performance. But last week’s performance was an exception. He was really amazing last week and after watching the last week show, I thought, he is gonna be in cool zone! And yes! He is..

And about Ajeesh, of course his voice is excellent and he performed well last week. So, considering his popularity and consistency, I was sure that he would also be in cool zone this week! And yes.. I am right! 🙂

Of course, the competition was between Prasanna and Renu. I have to admit that Prasanna is another contestant whom I dont like that much.. He somehow reminds me of politicians. They way he talks, the ‘air’ with which he performs.. somehow, I am sorry I wasnt that impressed. So, I was thinking, better off Prasanna and yeah he is off the show now.

So.. Renu is back on stage with a bang ! About Renu, she is a safe player! Her voice is a great gift to her and whatever she sings, she sings to perfection. Hard work and charm works together for her.

Hmm.. Well I think its either Ajeesh or Ravi whos gonna take away that title “Super Singer” on June 3rd. Lets see. Already I was fooled that Ranjani is going to take the title while she was thrown away before finals. So, maybe even Renu can become Super Singer! Who knows?


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  1. girisopinion · · Reply

    If Renu wins it will be a huge surprise. I dont think she will though. I agree with you, it will either be Ravi or Ajeesh as they deserve to win the title more than Renu. Renu has a good voice but does not display variety.

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