How Indians are smarter?

Are Indians smarter first of all?

I have heard many of my friends (and their proud parents) saying that if Indian kids go abroad for higher studies, they definitely outshine in their class. And this is one of the main reasons why many Indian kids are motivated to continue their higher studies abroad.

Of course, this does not mean that all Indian kids are smarter. I am aware that there are many innovations and scientific discoveries are made in other foreign countries and not in India. In fact, I feel that it is the same reason attributing to both the cases: Indian kids performing well in foreign universities and also not many scientific innovations happening in India.

India is economically ‘improving’ country and it is not well developed. There are many people out here in India, who’s main concern is to get food for the day. The government in India is unable to support the unemployed or retired people or the student community unlike the foreign countries. So, people here are financially insecure. The complexity is increased by the large (still growing) population. So, there is always stiff competition for anything – food, higher education, employment, schools, hospitals, companies! Almost all of them have that ‘fire’ in them to ‘fight’ for the competition. Because only the fittest survives.

So, who ever is smarter, they grab the opportunity. Smarter by even a small scale makes a BIG difference. There are always stories of kids whose dreams of becoming a doctor/engineer being crashed by just .1 percentage. And by the way, not to forget the fact that most of the kids grow up with the aim of becoming engineer or doctor just because they believe that only those professions can relieve them from their ‘economic stress’. So, the schools train for facing this stiff competition right from their kinder garden. Competition starts right from joining the playschool. Its because of this fact that Indian kids find it easy to shine in foreign universities. They are trained for it from that tender age.

Also, it is this same reason that most of the scientific innovations are not happening in India. Even Indians who do great stuff don’t do it when they are here in India. Most Indians get satisfied when they have achieved something – like earning good decent living. They just stop with it. They are happy and satisfied with that. The competition they faced so far and they are facing still – it just stops them from thinking beyond the boundaries. They loose the ‘fire’ after a certain stage.

Also, the commitment level to the family is high in India. People have to take care of their parents / kids in most of the cases. So, when you are already stressed about too many things of life, how can you innovate? Only a free mind can think beyond boundaries. Innovation starts from ‘inner’ freedom.

There are exceptions of course. But still, in my opinion, the socio-economic background of India is not that innovation friendly! 😦

But the same socio-economic factor trains young Indian minds to fight in the race..


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