Ajeesh – The ‘Super Singer’ of 2008

Finally the Airtel Super Singer 2008 came to an end yesterday.. And as the whole Chennai was expecting, Ajeesh was declared the SUPER SINGER of 2008.

Actually, I dont know when the program started yesterday. Usually it is from 9pm to 10pm. But yesterday when I switched on the TV at 9pm and tuned to Vijay channel, the compering ‘team’ were welcoming the participants on stage for “second” round of the grand finale. I was surprised! I missed the “first” round of the finals!! I dont know how they sung or what songs they sung.

Anyways.. I started watching from the second round and the program went on till mid night! They were testing my patience by showing lot of other performances on stage. I hated to see that female “Neha” showing lot of skin. And it just made me laugh when that Ragini and Divya were cat-walking across the corners of the stage in the name of dancing. Somehow I managed to wait till they announced the results. Infact, I got pissed off in the middle and switched off the TV. And luckily, when I turned it on, they were about to announce the results. I was astounded by the price amounts! I never knew that the super singer is actually gonna be awared a ‘car’ worth 7 lacs!!! Wooow! That was amazing!

About the performances that I saw last night, actually, somehow the voices of Ajeesh and Renu were not that impressive. Usually, their voices sound more clear and also charming. I dont know if it was because of the ‘Live’ performance or something. But last night, Ravi’s voice sounded more clearer. (Trust me! I am surprised at myself bcoz, I never liked his voice; but the last 2 performances from Ravi were really impressing me.)

I did not know the song that Ajeesh sang. He sang “”sangeetha jathi mullai”. I came to know that it was sung by KJ Yesudas. But since I have not heard it before, I wasn’t able to enjoy it that much. But he sang beautifully as usual. And when Renu sang that tamil version of song from Rangeela – “”aiyramal pol varamai” I felt as though she is struggling to bring her voice out. There was more pain and struggle rather than her usual charm. Maybe she chose the wrong song. And Ravi sang “Kallai mattum kandaal” song. It was the apt song for his voice. But in the end, he wasnt actually singing the alapana which Hariharan sung in the original movie song. It was ‘ravi’ version. But it was nice..

One thing that I will never forget about Ravi is the way he pleads for votes. He can never ask for vote without saying about his hard work and office pressure. Thank God he did not talk about office work last night. It used to be really comical hearing him say “Amidst the office work, we are spending lot of time and energy.. so please vote” bla bla. Somehow, that way of ‘pleading’ for votes did not sound right to me. It just made me laugh rather than feeling sympathytical or whatever.

Anyways, they all did well and were really great singers. But still in my opinion, Ranjani is THE SUPER SINGER. The reason why she was eliminated is a mystery. But, she defintely deserves the title super singer.

I am now waiting for the “Super Singer 2009” to begin!



  1. coffeebeans76 · · Reply

    dont worry, runner ups are also going to have a lot of stardom in their kitty. Many avenues must have opened for them as they were viewed by the world and contact with the celebreties.

    1. Yea.. I have seen this girl Ragini Sri quite a number of times in Vijay TV programmes again and again..
      Also, yes.. other runner ups should have been finding their ways into Kollywood.. 🙂

  2. i really like ajeesh” his voice is cute like him

    1. His voice is indeed very nice! I liked his debut song from the movie Goa as well! Was very pleasant to hear..
      I am not sure about the second part of your comment though! 😉

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