Drinking water while eating food

Can we drink water while eating food?

Not actually ‘drink’ as such. Drinking lot of water while eating food is actually bad for digestion and hence bad for health. Only sipping little bit of water in between is good.

Because, our stomach is just like a grinding machine. You can compare it with a mixer grinder. Stomach generates ‘peristaltic’ waves every few seconds and that wave gives a jerk inside. Through this wave, the stomach actually crushes the food that we take in and smashes the food. Only when the food particles are smashed well, they can be digested and their nutrients can be absorbed well.

And the food cannot be smashed by drinking lot of water while eating. Have you ever tried grinding something in mixer grinder? What happens when you add excess water? The particles cannot be crushed/smashed in excess water. The same thing happens if more water is taken in while eating food. Just a little bit of sipping would help stomach to smash the food well into a semi-solid state which is ideal for absorption.

So, when to drink water?
Ideally 15 minutes before taking food. This would help in wetting the food pipe so that food particiles will not get stuck in the food pipe in between. Also, sipping water in between food is good for digestion. After eating food, give some gap before ‘drinking’ water again.


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  1. great post, thanks a lot!!

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