Mind is just a baby…

Mind is a mystery as long as I don’t look into it. But when I see it, I realize its just like a small baby.

Whatever is attractive to it, it needs it immediately. It cries for it. It longs for it… It becomes happy when it gets it. And then after a while it gets bored with that and wants more. It needs something else to play with! Just like a baby!

It needs all attention to itself. It likes when everyone gives attention to it. It longs for it when no one cares about it! Just like a baby!

The more I enforce my control, the more it rebels! Just like a (adamant)  baby!

If I handle it with ‘care’, it just obeys me – just like a (sweet) baby!

The more I ignore it, the more diseases that it catches up with. Just like a baby..

If I don’t spend time with it, it addicts itself to desire, ego, fame, and on and on.. It does not know what is right and what is wrong. Just like a baby!

It does not sleep even when I sleep. It just goes on playing in its own illusionary dream world.

But there is no pediatric out there to cure my baby. Only ‘I’ can handle it! Because, I am not just MIND. 🙂


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