“Arulvaakku” Mahatmiyam

It is really disgusting to see such boards in every street! Arulvaakku – literally means “gracious talk”. It has become very common these days to see this kind of boards everywhere.

It is just one more form of abusing God and Religion. It is really an absurd claim that God is talking in their ears about the problems of people who come to visit them and blesses them with solution. Ridiculous!!

I just cant accept such non-sense that God is talking to someone about my problems. I cant bear the non-sense that God is giving solution to my problems through some other third person.

If God can come and talk to you, the same God can talk to me as well! I wonder how people believe such crazy claims! Are their problems creating that much blinding pressure on them that they loose their common sense?

Who is to blame here?
God as these Atheist says? or the people who just cant use their common sense to differentiate crap from sense? or these crazy gits who abuse religion and cheat ignorant?

Actually, it is at these times I feel ignorance is crime. And I also see immediately that ignorance pays for itself.


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