I am not happy with Google Chrome

I have been using Mozilla Firefox for quite a long time.

I wanted to try Google Chrome for a change. Google Chrome has lot of ‘cool’ stuff like showing the recently visited pages like screenshots in the home page. The iGoogle home page is shown differently with extra tabs in the Chrome.

Above all, it looks neat and simple just like any other Google product.

But.. what I dont like is, I cant delete all browsing data automatically after closing the browser. I was frantically searching for this option. For me, this is an essential feature for a browser. Its there in firefox, IE and almost every other browser.

I dont want to do it manually every time before closing my browser and I dont like it storing all the details. I couldn’t find this option in Google Chrome. Feeling disappointed, I just uninstalled Chrome and I am back to Mozilla Firefox again.

Also, I heard from many that there are security issues with Chrome.. I don’t know what exactly is wrong. But, I heard that it violates some security aspects!

If Google has/introduces this feature, I might think about switching to Chrome. Anyways, as of now, Mozilla Firefox is really keeping me happy!! 😉



  1. Balaji Krishnan · · Reply

    agree that firefox is a much better browser than chromeboy and the extensions gallery for ffox is so wide. you might wanna try IE9 which is suposd to be lightning fast and a thin slick app, unlike its predecessors 🙂 nice blog btw!

    1. True about the extensions and add-ons for firefox!! Its really great and enriching the browsing experience..
      IE9 ? Sounds good! Hmm.. let me give a try!
      Thanks! 😉

      1. Balaji Krishnan · ·

        http://ie.microsoft.com/testdrive/Default.html there ya go 🙂 . hope u like it 😉

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