Mystery behind MonoLisa

I visited Louvre Museum in Paris and saw the world famous picture Mono Lisa sometime back. There was lot of crowd and people were competing with each other to get glimpse of her face. (Felt like Thirupathi darshan). Since I already read the book Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, I was able to understand the people’s desire to see her.

But friends who came with me, were really pissed off! Pissed off to the core. One guy especially felt betrayed after seeing the picture. He said “Its just soo small and looks ugly! whats the whole fuzz about this picture?”. He lost interest in the whole Louvre after seeing her! 🙂

He felt really disappointed. I know many people out there, will get disappointed. Because, there are many rumors about the picture that gives extraordinary hype. And when you actually see the picture, it is very small – smaller than the duplicates sold outside and also normally people can’t get near her. The security arrangement is very stringent. There is a big chain preventing people from going near the picture. So, you cant even see her properly and worse is if you don’t know why she is famous, then you are going to hate for coming that long to see her.

MonoLisa does not look good. She is looking like a male and also female. Her smile is not that great. But the ‘hype’ that has been created gives a feeling that its mysterious. So, whats all the fuzz about?

[If you have read the book Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, then you know whats there in the rest of the post..]

In his book Dan Brown explains, Leonardo Da Vinci said that MonoLisa was his perfect piece of art and he was carrying the picture all the time with him. This made it special and famous that time. But people believed that there must be some special reason other than the ‘art’ reason because of which Da Vinci is carrying it all the time. And it was there indeed.

As one can see, MonoLisa herself was not very beautiful. She was very manly. She was like half man and half woman – a perfect representation of ANDROGENY. But still this is a beautiful piece of art. Because, it did conveyed a deeper meaning. Here goes the explanation:

The Egyptian god of fertility is called Amon. And his consort the Egyptian goddess of fertility is called Isis or Lisa.
Amon – Lisa became MonoLisa. The very name of the portrait symbolizes ‘fusion’ of male and female. And the portrait itself looks like that – half male and half female. This explains the mystery behind her smile. An understanding smile.

And of course, there are other numerous specialties behind her picture. Da Vinci drew the country side view of the background behind her face a bit smaller in the left side than the right. So, she is majestic when looked from left side. Since, left side was given to females, Da Vinci, who is strong believer of feminist concept, drew it like that.

Also, in those days arts, one cannot find a woman folding her hands. That was a bit ‘modern’ for those ages. Her smile was mysterious indeed. Because, she was not smiling completely. But still she was smiling.. As though she knows something.
A serious research on MonoLisa might reveal more interesting and stunning facts about Da Vinci and his works.

World is big, what we know is small. There are lot of interesting stuff out there to know and to learn. But what we think we know is that which is stopping us from knowing more.



  1. Barbro · · Reply

    …”But what we think we know is that which is stopping us from knowing more.”…

    Like the Taoist’s say: the more you know, the less knowledge you’ve. (something like that) So, it’s better to always begin from the start, which human beings normally dont do. Thank you for info about MonaLisa from Louvren. I would like to visit Napoleons grave, some day.

  2. Yaa.. Its a nice place. But unfortunately due to lack of time, I was not able to go inside the “Invalides”. We just waved “bye bye” from outside itself.. 😦
    It was giantly beautiful from outside and must be beautiful inside as well!
    Maybe I will visit it sometime in future..

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