Why so many ‘racist’ attacks on Indians?

We hear many disgusting news about racists attacks on Indians abroad.

Why so many attacks all of a sudden? Indians have been living abroad for quite a long time. But why these attacks all of a sudden?

Here goes a ‘possible’ theory of explanation (Thanks to my husband! 🙂 ):

Its recession time all over the world and many people are jobless now. Its a very critical situation all over the world. Many citizens of other developed countries are also now unemployed (Australia is not an exception if I am right).  So, when these unemployed native citizens of a country see an Indian who is earning, they don’t like it.

Though it is a fact that these Indians are working hard (hard as hell!) for their earnings, it does not matter. As long as the native citizens get what they want, as long as they are in their comfort zones, many Indians coming into their country for work did not matter to them. But now since, they themselves are having a hard time, they dont want to share their wealth (they think they share though it is not exactly true) with these Indians – especially these ‘dark skinned’ Indians… So, they just start attacking them in a mere hope that Indians will go back to their home land and they can enjoy their wealth all alone.

Of course, it is a very wrong view of thought that Indians are taking away their wealth. They are working hard for getting what they are actually getting. In many cases, Indians are recruited by the companies because, their country does not possess that kind of skill. So, they acquire a resource from India and pay them infact lesser to extract the work they want. And for Indians, since that money is good enough and better than what they can get within India, they take the job. Its a win-win situation. So, its not actually Indians are just like that given some job and paid well. They are not just grabbing someone’s wealth without efforts. But maybe, the financial pressure these native citizens face is stopping them from thinking rationally.

We can infact see such a situation within our own country. Because there is a huge difference between rich and poor in India, the poor at times do get irritated and pissed off about their state. They just show their anger by scratching the good looking cars parked on road (it really happened for us once!), by throwing stones at buildings, doing nasty stuff and trying to damage things which they dont possess.

These are nothing but their ‘stupid’ reactions when they think about their state. They want someone to blame for their failure. They want to do something to pacify themselves –  their anger.


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