Honda CityZX Vs All New Honda City

Both cars look great of course.. But CityZX is outdated model and this all new city is getting more and more admirers day by day..

Since, CityZX is already stopped, whats the whole point of comparison?
Well, still people do possess CityZX (including me! 😛 ). So, we need to know what we have and what we don’t!

In one line, if you need to know whats Honda CityZX Vs All New Honda City with respect to looks, it is just the same as Aishwarya Rai Vs Bipasha Basu! You know who has more sharper features. Trust me, you will agree with me after seeing the cars and these ladies! 😉

With respect to the technical stuff, All new city comes with the iVTEC engine which is obviously better than the normal city zx. But its mileage may not be that better because, it is more heavy than CityZX. Also, All new city is a bit lengthier – by around 10-15 cm. So, it has higher turning radius which also means, a bit difficult to drive on heaby traffic roads. All new city also has these extra features like Air bag and ABS which are not that essential for our roads actually. Other than this, there are not much differences.

So, people who are out there with Honda City ZX, dont feel sad that you dont have Bips! You do have Aish! 😛


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