I never knew I would like cars…

I never had any interest in cars. Until few months back, cars were just some kind of mechanical device to transport me from one place to another.

But, when we bought our first car, my views and ideas changed. I didn’t know anything about cars. Even now I dont know many technical details of car. But now I can understand few basic terminologies about car. Whats more, I have started liking cars. I am admiring cars that look good. I have started ogling at beautiful cars going on road. I never imagined myself like that!

When my dad built our house, I used to take keen interest in choosing the designs for doors and windows. And for this, I started looking at all houses when I went out, trying to see what kind of designs look good. Same way, I started looking at all cars on road when we decided to buy a car. In India we dont see many brands of cars. Only few limited brands. So it was kinda easy for me to look around and choose one. And now, I can say what brand and which model car it is just by looking at its head light or side view! I know them all that well now.. 🙂

When we were going to buy Honda has introduced the new city and clearing out the old model – CityZX. Actually, at that time I liked ZX more than new city. But now again my views changed! Now, in my opinion, the best car (and also the best looking car) in India is ALL NEW HONDA CITY. Its Damn good with its sharp features! Its really amazing when its in that dark red color. I just cant take my eyes away from it when it is on road. The Fiat Linea which claims that “Admiration guaranteed” cannot stand near the all new Honda city at all.

All New Honda City

All New Honda City

There are other dream cars for me like Lamborghini, Mercedes, Ferrari, Audi, Porsche and more.. But when we wanted to buy car in India, we were already more or less convinced that either we go for the Indian giant Maruthi or Honda. After the test drive, we decided that we go for Honda City without any second thought. And so we bought our Honda City ZX in Jan, 2009.

And what happened to our new city after that is another story… We learned many things about car parking, through our mistakes. Now, we know when to take car out, where to park and where not to. Anyways.. that story is reserved for another post! 😉


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