Swine Flu in India

I am watching the swine flu hitting the NDTV news headlines more often for the past 2 days.

Swine Flu attack rose to 8, then rose to 9 and then to 10 and so on. And in Hyderabad a young woman from US for vacation is spreading swine flu has contributed to increasing number of attacks in India.

I was really pissed off seeing these news headlines. People from US are coming down to India to spread their diseases? Why are this US-residing citizens of India so keen in bringing all the strange diseases to India? Is that what they contribute to India?

First of all, why Indian govt is not taking any measure to restrict people coming from US to India at this point of time? Its well known that US is affected with Swine Flu and they have many deadly reports about that. Then why encourage them coming to India now?

Indians have to undergo all sorts of test for all communicable diseases before we go to US for anything. They make it a point that we take up these tests seriously before giving visa. But why cant we ensure that similar things are done before someone can come to India? Is India a dump yard for all diseases or what? Will US be happy to welcome sick Indians? Will they be silent if someone goes from India and spreads some deadly disease? (Actually, in my opinion, US is the source of all deadly diseases. It starts from there and India just follows it! There are other benefits from US but nothing is for free!)

In fact even those Indians who are coming to India from US (and of course other countries) should be tested thoroughly before they come to India even for a short visit. Rules and guidelines should be clearly laid down to protect Indians who are living in India first. We should have clear rules in order to restrict the entry of diseases, terrorism, etc.

I think govt should seriously think about this. No use in just flashing head lines!
It was even more disgusting to see that some industrialist was allowed to be at home and not in quarantine. That is a bit too much! Sick!

I do understand that its hard to avoid communicable diseases from spreading. But serious measures need to be taken to avoid such thing. And those situations which can be avoided must be avoided without any excuse.


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