The long awaited Honda Jazz

Honda Jazz was supposed to be introduced in India quite a long time back. I know many people who wanted to wait and buy Honda Jazz and were disappointed. So, the good news is, it is finally launched in India from June 10th.

But you will be surprised by the cost of this ‘compact’ car from Honda. Its from 7.18 lac in Chennai. In Delhi its a bit cheaper – 6.98 lac. Yea I know what you think now.. We can buy a sedan car for this price. Why go for a small compact hatchback car for this price?
You will possibly go for it by the end of this post; especially if you visit the Honda Jazz site to see the features for yourself.

But Honda is confident that there are people out there in India to buy Honda Jazz happily. If you have ever gone to buy any Honda cars, then you know how they operate. They don’t press / push on you. They don’t try to ‘induce’ you to buy their car. Its like “if you trust on quality, you will buy it here. Otherwise we don’ really care!”. And the same thing goes now for Jazz.

Interior - Honda Jazz

Interior - Honda Jazz

I was really amazed to the see the “MAGIC SEATS” (Take a look at the link! Surprise is waiting for you! ) feature of Jazz. I think Honda will become synonymous with ‘real innovation’ soon! Must take a look at that link to know what they can provide you with their seats. Its so damn flexible that you can carry a cycle or you can even shift an entire room of things with Jazz. I don’t think you can do that even with any of those sedan cars!!

Honda is really innovative in their design. They make sure that the pedestrian injury is always less/avoided. I have seen it myself in real accidents. The design of the body is really cool and innovative. Always, the interior offers more space to the passengers than any other cars in India.

I am impressed by the features of Jazz. It looks cool and has cool features. Theoretically Jazz is said to give 16.1km mileage. But, lets hope at least it is going to give somewhere between 13-15. The key features of Jazz:

  • 1.2-liter i-VTEC engine
  • 16.1km/l mileage
  • electric power steering
  • 4.9 meter minimum turning radius
  • 3900 mm long, 1695 mm wide, 1535 mm tall and wheelbase of 2500 mm,
  • ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) with EBD (Electronic Brake-Force Distribution System)
  • Dual SRS airbags and pre-tensioner seat belts
  • Tilt steering column
  • Integrated audio equipment with MP3/ CD and Aux-in, teering Mounted Audio Controls, Auto Volume by Speed,
  • Magic seats in 3 modes (utility, long, tall)
  • Driver’s footrest

The Honda Jazz will be available in three types in Manual transmission – Jazz, Jazz “Mode” & Jazz “Active” in six vibrant colours – Habanero Red, Deep Sapphire Blue, Sherbet Blue, Alabaster Silver, Taffetta White and Crystal Black Pearl.

Honda Jazz - red

Honda Jazz - red

As the Honda press report says:

“Sold successfully in over 130 countries with cumulative sales of more than 2.8 million units, the Honda Jazz has won over 40 international awards. The 2nd Generation Jazz (also known as Honda Fit in Japan) was awarded the Japan Car of the Year (2007-2008) making history by winning the same award as the 1st generation model. The car has earned the best-selling position in Japan in 2008 and is the latest benchmark of Japanese car market.”

Honda Jazz is already a big hit in other countries. Lets see how Indian minds welcome Honda Jazz. I think those who admire Honda and its promise for quality will defintely go for it! If I were looking for new car, I would go for Jazz just for the MAGIC SEAT option! Take a look at their site! Its really cool! 😉



  1. hi. I like to drive fast cars. This red car seem to be nice.

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