Angels and Demons – The Movie

I watched this movie “Angels and Demons” last weekend!

The movie is really taken well and the music direction was awesome! The thrilling music kept me at the edge of the seat till the end…

I read this novel some 2-3 years back and I totally forgot the story now except for the fact that it has something to deal with ILLUMINATI. And then I skimmed through the book again before I went for the movie..

So I was able to spot out many differences between the book and the movie. These changes were done in the movie for the time constraint I guess.  The CERN head was not at all shown in the movie but he occupied many pages in the book. And, the conversation between Robert Langdon and Vittoria in the flight was not at all shown. Instead few points from that conversation were shown at different points of time in the movie.. And the scientist Vetra’s death was not exactly shown like it is in the book. The climax again, was slightly different from the book.

But overall, as a movie it is really great! Ron Howard has done a great job but I cant forget the amazing brain of Dan Brown while watching the movie!

Wanna read the novel again.. 🙂


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