Sathyam Cinemas, Chennai

I watched the movie Angels and Demons at Sathyam Cinemas in Chennai. I went there after around 3 years!

My Gawd! I couldn’t imagine the changes they have made to the theater! It looked really posh with all tiles and glasses glittering all around. Also, very much organized with respect to ticket booking and seat allocation and everything. The ambiance inside the hall was excellent! I watched the movie in the Sathyam Elite. I guess it should be like this in other halls as well.

The sound quality was also awesome and reverberating!
And most of all, the POP-CORN was unbeatable! 😛
For me, pop-corn makes my movie-watching experience complete. I cant imagine watching a movie at the theater without crunching pop-corn! (Hey! Trust me! I wont trouble anyone near me with the crunching noise!)

Not to forget the rest rooms! They were extremely clean and looked real high class! They were so much clean that you can even eat there. Rest rooms generally are the most neglected ones in Cinema theaters. But it was exceptionally well maintained in Sathyam Cinemas!

I saw the worth for the money I paid, in the theater. I was truely impressed with Sathyam Cinemas and now I have decided to come to Sathyam again for watching further movies! 🙂


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