Are we just bundle of chemicals?

How does it sound when someone say something like this: “Oh you are in love? Its just because your dopamine levels are high in brain!” “Feeling aroused? Maybe your oxytocin levels have grown high!” “Your basic duty is to sustain your species by re-production and reproducing healthy offspring which can survive for the sustenance of the species – Homo sapient”

How does it feel when you hear such bio-chemical explanation for intimate feelings which makes us feel that we are superior to other animals? Doesn’t sound strange to feel yourself as some kind of chemical factory? Your emotions and feelings are the products and by-products of some chemistry going inside your own body! Can you believe it?

More than belief its hard to accept it that way.. But yea, scientists are trying hard to prove that we are just nothing but a bundle of chemicals.

I was left aghast for a while after watching the program “Naked Science: What’s sexy?” in Nat Geo Channel. The program was giving scientific explanation for what chemical reactions inside our body makes us feel that we are in ‘love’ or makes us feel that someone is “sexy”.

Basically, it is just Homo-sapient who involve in sex for ‘pleasure’ sake. Almost all the other animals (except a very few like dogs / rabbits I think. not sure though!) do it as a duty – just to sustain their species. So, biologically what drives us crazy about love or sex? What is happening inside our body when we are in love or make love with someone? And above all, what is the main reason for all these biological reactions?

It was really exciting to know the scientific / biological view of such delicate things of our life. The delicate stuff were explained in a very simple/plain manner – maybe ‘NAKED’ is the better word. It was a bit scary to face the bare truth.

As they were explaining, it is the ‘DOPAMINE’ which increases the focus on an object and it elevates the enthusiasm and energy. As we normally see, people who are in love have all their focus on their loved one and they are really in an excited / elevated state. In fact, being in love has the same effect in our brain and body as taking cocaine. This is because of elevated levels of dopamine.

And it is ‘OXYTOCIN’ which gives the sexy feeling. I was even surprised to know that scientist have discovered & isolated an enzyme which is responsible for cuddling. They call it as ‘cuddling enzyme’ (I forgot the technical name) which makes the couple involve in foreplay.

Also, scientist and psychiatrists have tried to answer the question “Are humans bind to be true to one partner? Or we are inherently motivated to change partners often?”. And they have concluded based on some statistical experiments that when the relationship is started with OXYTOCIN as the basis; i.e., with sex as the basis, then homo-sapient tend to change partners more often. But, when the relationship starts with dopamine – love as basis, we don’t change the partners that often.

The whole aim of all such chemical reactions is to just sustain the species – Homo sapient. Just to continue the existence of the species. Also, we always tend to impress / attract intelligent partners. We want someone who is more intelligent, kind, etc. Even this is because of the same fact that the species should be lasting long. It is just like reinforcing the Darwin’s theory of ‘Survival of Fittest’. So, the aim is to produce more fittest off-springs which will survive for long. So, the fusion of better egg and better sperm helps in producing better genetic material and better life in future. And, these chemical reactions help us do this very basic duty of us on Earth – reproduction. These chemical reactions inside our body happen at least until an off spring is produced.

When the narrator was finally concluding that all these sensitive, delicate emotions and intricate feelings of humans are basically because of some simple chemical reactions inside their body, I felt as though I was struck by a severe blow – the direct blow of truth straight on my face. I just realized that I am just a bundle of chemicals and I behave as per the reactions happening between the chemicals. It is just as simple as that. Hard to accept huh?

I realized that both science and religion takes you to the same place.



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