Are snakes blind?

Are snakes blind?
Though we hear many strange stories about snakes from our villages, we now know very well that snakes are not blind by nature. They do have functional eyes but their vision varies greatly from species to species.

But, do you know that even if the eyes are injured / blinded later on, snakes dont seem to be handicapped. They still can easily find their prey and catch them with the same precision with which they would, even when they have fully functional eyes.

Its because of the forked tongue they have and their sense of smell. The interesting fact about the forked tongue is that each of the forked part can smell the prey individually. That is why the snakes throw out their tongue very often and try to find the smell. So, which forked part of the tongue sense smell stronger, they move in that direction. They don’t need eyes to do that!
With their extraordinary sense of smell, they move towards their target fairly easy.

This is the secret behind blind snakes! 😉

Source: Discovery channel programme.



  1. Snakes are interesting and misunderstood creatures indeed. Great blog!

    Jamison Hensley

    1. Very true! Thanks.. 🙂

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