The experience of Pain

On Sunday morning, I was in the dentist clinic totally unprepared! So I was all smiles and engaged in the usual non-sense talk without realizing what I am going to face in the next few minutes.

The dentist appeared after 20 minutes of waiting and called us (me and my husband) inside the surgical room.

“Its a very small procedure which would last only for few minutes..”

“But the pain will last for few days? (with a scared look)

“Oh its really bad! Good that you came soon. Its full of puss.. [Unexpectedly he just inserted some tool and pressed the gum covering my wisdom tooth!]. You see puss is coming out now..”

“Aaaaaaah! tears from my eyes.. [no i dont see it at all!]”

“(with a smile) I am going to inject the anesthesia..”

“(breaking his conversation) .. into my gums??? (almost crying)”

“with a smile again, yes. but it wont pain at all..”

and before I could realize, he was holding my cheek with some tool and just pierced my gum on one side. And then again another pierce on the other side. And again another pierce!!

I was just waiting for a gap in the procedure.. Just when I was released, I sat erect on my seat, crying like a baby. Already when he was piercing my gum, my right eye started watering involuntarily.. And I sat up and voluntarily cried with tears oozing from both eyes.

My husband was just watching me from one corner with his usual smile. Man! Everyone is smiling at my difficulty!

The doctor was also almost shocked. A big ass like me sitting up and crying like a baby shocked him may be..

“Its the fear of pain. Its not the pain at all.. The real pain is yet to come! ”

“(half crying and half laughing at my state) yeah.. I know.. its the fear. But I am really scared!”

“You see, I am not at all scared”

“Of course not. Because itz me who is getthing affecthed! and wurshe if you are shcaarred, dhen I wudh be in dhanger..”
I realized that I couldn’t speak properly any longer. The local anesthesia started working. I started feeling numb already near my tongue and cheek.

He left me with my husband and went away for a while in order for me to relax. It did help.. I was a bit relaxed when he came back. But, again my heart started pumping fast seeing his tools..

“why dhont you closhe my eyez.. I am shcaarred sheeing your thhools. ”

“I will, once I start the surgery” (but he never closed my eyes. I did it myself during the surgery!)

“why dhon u closhe ith noww?”

“you see, mouth is not easily accessible as other parts of the body. So, we need all these tools to reach to your mouth and operate”

“Oh! I cannoth dhink analythically now. My analythical brain issh shwicthed off. All I know issh Iam shcarred now”

“(smiling) if you have your brain switched off, then you should not feel any pain as well”

“nice joke (thinking to myself)

I just closed my eyes after seeing him taking some tools in his hand.. I dont know what exactly he was doing.. Though he said I should not feel any pain, I did felt pain in my jaws. As though he was hitting hard with some rod in my mouth. As though he was piercing something again.
I was actually lying down almost flat in my surgical seat with my head raised a bit. But, as the pain was growing, I folded my legs and I was crying like a baby again with my eyes closed.

“Its almost over. Its done”

Opened my eyes with a surprise. So soon? “Iz ith?”

He then took a drill and again took it inside my mouth!

“Oh my gawd! he lied again ! (thinking to myself and I just closed my eyes hard! )


He is drilling my teeth?????!!!!!!! I was trying to relax. But soon I was able to smell the burning of my bones and my eyes were wide open with tears dropping down. I was trying to look at the doctor as though he is killing me. And then he removed the driller and he took another rod kinda thing.

“Oh shit! its not yet over. I am feeling pain”

He was inserting that thing into my mouth and pulled my tooth out. He pulled from right side first and then from left side. There he goes, the wisdom tooth came out! Finally….
He was stuffing in a lot of cotton into my mouth and took off blood. And then again he took something!

“Is it not over?”

He was taking a dark black thread!

“Oh! he is gonna stitch inside?”

He was very swiftly putting that thread inside my mouth and was stitching.. I felt he was tying some kinda knot inside. I felt pain. Then he inserted a lot more cotton inside my mouth. Stuffed them all towards my right end.


I tried to.. But I did not come out of the shock yet!

“Did you forget to bite.. How do you normally bite?”

I again tried.. But the dentist seemed not satisfied.. He asked me to bite hard but I think he felt that I wouldn’t do any better. He moved aside to take something else.

“aaaah!” a sigh of relief and also pain.. I tried to sit up with tear filled eyes.

“Wait! Dont sit! Relax! Its all over!”

He came with some more cotton which was wet with something..
He was wiping my face..

Ohh!! I saw blood all over!!! You wasted so much of my blood? I was thinking to myself..

“Now you can get up!”

I sat up and realized that it was not that painful.. But yea, I was scared to death and I did a lot of fuzz!

“You want to see your tooth?”

“Yeh! I wanth tho see dhe shtupidh tooth”

The painful wisdom tooth

The painful tooth

He gave me my tooth put inside a plastic cover which was covered with blood (with a smile of victory!).

“Do you see that tissue which is there along with the tooth? That is the affected tissue with puss.. ”

He then told me the good news! “Eat 3kgs of ice cream within the next 2 days!”


“yes.. eat as much as you can!”

“But I mighth die outta coldh”

“Thats why I am giving you these strong medicines. They will take care!”

I was thinking.. Wooow!! Such a nice doctor! If all doctors are like him, then the whole world will be happy! I forgot the pain when I started imagining myself eating lots and lots of ice-cream and I instantly felt happy!

And then, as though I regained my analytical brain, I started talking..

“Your job ish indheedh dhifficulth”


“dhi-fffi-culth! dhi-ffi-culth!”

“Oh now you realize! Nice..”

“yesh.. ith issh! Ogay.. thell me whath you dhid actually?”

“Now your brain is switched on? (smiling) I drilled your cheek bone a little bit on one side in order to get enough space to take out your wisdom tooth without touching the near by tooth. And then I pulled off your tooth.”

“Sounds very simple!” I thought..

“Dont drink any hot stuff. And you can’t eat anything for 2-3 days.. Maybe you cant open your mouth!”

“nice.. wondherful!”

“Eat as much of ice cream and cold juices as you can!”


“If you eat/drink something hot, then your mouth will start swelling like hell!”

“I will look more beetiful!”

“Not when it swells just one side! (again with that magic smile!) And dont keep your hand like that over your cheek. The warmth of your hand will make it swell! And dont go out anywhere for the next 2 days for the same reason. More heat exposure – more swelling!”

Wooow! Nice! Great! 2 days off at home in AC with just eating lots and lots of ice-cream! The very thought of such a wonderful vacation made me jump with joy! I felt really happy about what happened to me and thanked the dentist heart fully and came out!

Slowly the local anesthesia’s power was fading away and left me with full pain..


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