The pain of Wisdom

I have heard some people say “Ignorance is bliss”. It is true at times that the wisdom comes along with the pain. But the wisdom I am talking about here is the ‘wisdom tooth’. 😉

I was suffering from a severe pain in my mouth and swelling when I went to the dentist. The smart and good looking dentist had this quality of throwing real BOMBs at me with a wonderful smile. So, at first I did n’t even know if he was teasing me or he is telling the truth. So he said with a smile that both my wisdom teeth at the lower jaw has to be removed but one by one and first he will focus on the right side which is causing problems now. I just jumped up with a jerk from where I was lying down while he tested my tooth. I never have had good feeling about tooth extraction especially after what I saw during  my childhood days happening to my mom..

I was obviously scared to hell after what my dentist told me. And as though he was not satisfied that good news, he started showing some real real scary X-ray and said “if you are not going to remove this tooth, then its going to grow further in a wrong direction like this (pointing to the X-ray) and is going to give you more pain and swelling”, again with a wonderful smile! “He really has a nice good smiling face” – I thought amidst my pain.

He gave me some antibiotics and then said Friday night would be ideal time so that you get 2 days rest after the extraction. I went to him on last Wednesday.

It was a big shock for me. I could n’t bear it and I was thinking if I have to go to another dentist for a second opinion! I was that scared and I wanted someone to say that I don’t need to undergo the painful experience. But by Friday, the pain and swelling did not subside and I realized that I have no other option. So I called up the dentist and fixed an appointment on Sunday morning.. I needed the next day to prepare my mind to face the surgery.

In the next post, I narrate my complete experience of the pain and the surgery – complete to the extent I remember!


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