Enge Brahmanan

This serial Enge Brahmanan is running in Jaya TV for quite some time from Monday-Friday 8:00PM to 8:30PM.

The show run by Cho Ramaswamy is quite informative. It is a serial which aims at finding out a real Brahmin. The uniqueness of this show lies in the way it is telecasted. This is actually a book based serial. Whenever some book is made into a movie or serial, it looses many of its serious content. Because, the movie/serial cannot show what a character is thinking or those extra bits of information the author has given in the book. But, this serial makes sure that such information also reaches the audience by having Cho coming in between the serial and answering some F.A.Q.s. This is really a unique idea and has to be appreciated..

And.. what I like in this serial is, it really answers many of the questions which these Hindu – Brahmin atheists raise. Cho really gives sensible, logical, rational answers for ‘many’ of the ‘atheist’ questions. So, maybe atheists should spend some time in watching this, at least to ask much better unanswerable questions!



  1. Sangeetha · · Reply

    Very true! all logical reasoning…and no drag like the normal dramas! this is the only program in the serial category that i watch!

  2. yeaa.. me too. whenever I get chance, I just watch this alone..
    Good job done by Cho and I get to know many things abt our religion and culture.. so its nice..

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