I don’t believe in Social Service

I don’t believe in Social Service. I don’t see any reason why I should believe it. Social Service means I have to serve the poor/ill/old people by providing physical or monitory support. But, what is the whole use of that?

The underprivileged remains just there. I dont think their status is lifted up. I even doubt if all the service being done actually reaches them! Rich people just throw away some money in the name of donation just for the sake of maintaining their status / decreasing their income tax / worse is for the sake of some astrology reasons! And I have also seen people who go to such homes and do service just to feel good about themselves.

I feel good about myself without doing all these. I don’t need to go to such homes to feel good about myself / my status. I don’t need recognition from someone else that I am kind hearted. I know it and I don’t need someone to certify me.

The basic question is how many of these people doing social service do it actually with the mind of serving the needy? How many such services actually reaches the needy in the way they want it? Above all, even if it actually reaches the poor and needy, again I wonder what is the use? Can it uplift a whole society of needy? Can that happen by serving them? Can the whole community of poor/needy/ill/etc/etc can be uplifted by social services?

I think doing such social services are not helpful in anyway as they claim. This encourages the poor to remain poor and the rich to go richer. It is not going to eradicate poor. It is not going to eradicate the needy. It is going to just persist the state of ‘giving’ and ‘receiving’. If change has to be done, it has to be done at the basic root cause level. Acting on symptoms is not going to cure the disease or give permanent relief. So, both who work on symptons and those who get satisfied with that kind of service – both have to be blamed!

The ideal state would be where there is no need for such Social Service organizations at all.



  1. Barbro · · Reply

    …”But, what is the whole use of that?”…

    Because if you’re sick or just old age, there is homeservice for those who need it. Income-based. That system is working in Sweden. You dont pay more than you can afford. Then we’ve free medical care and pharmacy, yet we must pay a certain level to get that. Everyone can afford it. Then we’ve the rich, they seek to private medical care.

    So sure, social service in all its honour. Here do this system work.

    …”The ideal state would be where there is no need for such Social Service organizations at all.”….

    There is no dream-scenario for that, yet. There is no utopia.

    1. “So sure, social service in all its honour..”

      I think I would need more time and ‘exposure’ to better social service systems to completely agree with you..

      I have not heard of such good social service systems.. Because, either I see people who do it just to say they do good to society. Or, they give lot of donations to escape from tax and gain publicity.. Mostly I have heard such stories or seen such people..

      So kinda got averted to social service itself..

      Maybe there are some real good social service systems which actually help the needy – help in the real sense. I have not come across many such systems.. Also, I am not sure if I have that much life-experience or exposure. But, if I get to see or hear many such stories, then I will change my mind! 🙂

      But even then I wonder if I will involve myself in social service… I have not found any good reason to do that yet.. Maybe I am too self-centered to think about it!

  2. Sangeetha · · Reply

    Its true to certain extent… of course you cannot uplift the entire society or eradicate poor…thats a long long term goal (maybe even just a dream)… but it defintely makes a diff even if u can improve just one person’s life!

    so social service in terms of an organization n all…even just making a person smile for once is also social service (all depends on the way u define it!:) )
    So U n me are doing social service everyday…just in our own way!:)

    1. Hi Sangi!
      Nice to see you here..

      “even just making a person smile for once is also social service (all depends on the way u define it!:) )”
      I like it that way.. And I agree with that definition of Social Service! 😉
      Making someone smile / happy for a moment is really a great thing! And in that way.. you are doing more social service than me! I can’t match you at all 😉

  3. Barbro · · Reply

    …”even just making a person smile for once is also social service”…

    rather humanity. Or general human condition, it’s a sort of moral kodex.

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