Pain killers are not that bad after all..

I knew very well that taking lot of pain killers is doing no good but results in lots of side effects.

Always pain killers are associated by acidity/constipation/vomiting/etc. And we need to take some more extra tablets for controlling those side effect. In my opinion, taking too many tablets is not really healthy. And I never liked to depend on pain killers. So, I used to bear pain as much as possible for me. Only thing is I need to know is, the reason for the pain. Else, I my fear and worries will increase my pain more!

But, I recently learnt (from my dentist) that withstanding pain a lot is not that healthy either. It will lead to nervous disorders in later age. So, at times we do need to take pain killers to sibside the pain. And of course, when we know the cause of the pain and we know that we are working on it, we can take pain killers for a while without feeling guilty! 😉


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