Sleeping in Meeting?

Have you ever slept in an office meeting before?

I am a bit embarrassed to say yes! I did this once in an official meeting in my previous job. It was a shame that day! I was a part of a team of around 10 people in which I was the only girl.

It was a meeting held at 9pm in the night. I was really tired. And the worst part is, it is a teleconference meeting. So, guys from US talk and we listen. I joined the company only few months back and I did not understand much of their conversations. So, I really had to pay keen attention..

But.. poor me! I was already sleepy and tired..

Suddenly I woke up by the noise of laughter from the team! All guys were just laughing at me! I had slept for I don’t know how much time.. But we left the meeting room within 5-10 minutes after I woke up. Such a shame! Never can I forget that meeting in my life..

Good thing was that the manager was not there for the meeting. 😉


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