Global Warming

Do you really know what exactly is global warming? Do you know how it is caused?

Can you define Green House effect?

Many of us think we know the answers to the above questions. We think we know our environment! But, after reading the book ‘State of Fear’ by Michael Crichton, I realized how much ignorant I was w.r.t environment. What I thought I knew, were not actually true.

My definitions and answers for the above questions were really very vague and in fact did not convey the correct meaning at all. And, these days the so-called-environmentalists just propagate such vague and false definitions among people, they modify the original research publications in order to attract funds, they just fool around innocent people and create the fear among people that we are all in the danger of global warming! This is what I learnt after reading the book. Now, I just can’t help laughing when someone says we are facing the threat of global warming!

My idea of global warming has totally changed after reading ‘State of fear’. Crichton has given ample data which are factual to prove this. Many parts of the novel are actually factual and he has quoted all reference for them.(Trust me! His bibliography itself is extending to more than 20 pages!)

I realized how many misconceptions have corrupted my brain with completely wrong ideas about global warming. It was really a great learning experience.

If you say, you do care for your environment, then you must read the book ‘State of Fear’ by Michael Crichton.



  1. Although Crichton’s “State of Fear” has lots of references, you’d be amazed how many of those references do NOT say what he claims they say.

    Crichton was totally out of touch with reality regarding climate science. If you want to know the truth, seek the advice of real experts — climate scientists — not a science fiction writer.

    I suggest you start at the web’s best climate blog, maintained by actual working climate scientists:

  2. “you’d be amazed how many of those references do NOT say what he claims they say”..

    To be honest, I have not gone through the original references/bibliography given in the novel.. But the data given through out the novel (which is factual, thats what it says!) does say something against the global warming campaign these days..
    The book is indeed thought provoking and makes the reader question many widespread beliefs.

    Anyways.. thanks for the link. I will go through that as well! I hope to find out the truth.. 🙂

  3. You might begin with what working climate scientists have to say about Michael Crichton’s book:

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