Trevi Fountain, Rome

We took the fountain tour when we visited Rome for a weekend. Rome has so many fountains in near proximity to each other that we took a walking tour around the city for seeing all fountains. It was really exciting to see those fountains with great artistic taste. Very impressive!

I am not sure if we actually covered all the fountains. Because, our trip to Rome was not that planned well and we just spent a weekend to see the entire city! I felt really sad that we couldn’t spend much time in that really artistic romantic city! 😦

But of all the fountains I saw, I liked this Trevi fountain the most.
Its really huge and it is the largest baroque fountain of Rome. We visited in the night to see the beautifully lit fountain. It was indeed a wonderful sight.

Trevi Fountain, Rome

Trevi Fountain, Rome - View in the night

I think it should be looking even more beautiful and bright during a sunny day.. But we liked it very much at the night and so when we had few hours left before leaving Rome, we decided to spend those few hours in Trevi Fountain again. So this was the only place in Rome which we visited twice during our visit and also spent relatively more time. 😉

Trevi Fountain - View from the left

Trevi Fountain - View from the left

Also, this was the only fountain where we found lots and lots of tourists! Mostly many of the other fountains were kinda deserted..

It was really strange and funny to see people throwin coins into the fountain. Its believed that if we throw a coin into the fountain, we will definitely come back to Rome!

Impressed with the game, we also threw few cents each before we left! 😛

Lets see if it works for us!

Trevi Fountain - view from the right

Trevi Fountain - view from the right

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